Update (Dec. 18, 9:52 p.m. EST):

CeeLo has uploaded a video to his Facebook page explaining how the footage of him using a cellphone as it explodes is actually part of a bigger video project he's doing. Watch him address the whole thing below.

Original Story:

Cell phone explosions are far from being unheard of, but the chances of your phone blowing up are fairly slim. Still, the statistical improbability of seeing your iPhone spontaneously combust won't be of any comfort to CeeLo Green, whose phone exploded on his ear as he was making a call in a video released today. You can see the unfortunate explosion for yourself in the video above.

In the vid, CeeLo looks like he's having a good time before smoke begins coming from the device and it blows up on him. He's sitting in what looks like a studio as people come-and-go, and before you know it, he's by himself, preparing to call someone. After an undisclosed period of time on the call, the phone explodes, and the "Forget You" performer is knocked to the ground. There hasn't been any word on the Goodie Mob member's well-being since the video surfaced, but we hope he's okay and his injuries don't prevent him from putting on some awesome performances in the future.

Unfortunately, these phone explosions have been happening somewhat frequently throughout 2016. Back in August, CNN reported that Samsung recalled 2.5 million of their Galaxy S7's after owners complained that they exploded when they were using them. That same month, a Australian cyclist was hospitalized after his iPhone 6 exploded and left him with third degree burns. It is still unclear what phone CeeLo is using in the video.

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