Wale took time from working on his new album to chop it up with Tech Crunch about his favorite websites, video games and more. The Grammy-nominated rhymer who just premiered his new single “PYT” at SXSW 2016 is not only a hit maker but he’s pretty tech savvy too, especially in the video game department. You can watch the whole video above.

“I feel like the video game industry is all shooter games now,” Wale told TC. “I don’t know what it is [about] my equilibrium but I just suck at shooter games, I’m decent at the gun range but I can’t play Halo to save my life.” While Halo isn’t his thing, Wale he said he is a fan of Ruzzle, Mortal Combat, wrestling games and gaming apps for his iPhone.

“I am just [so] dedicated to arranging, writing, recording, writing for other people and producing that my brain be so burnt out so I need something to play in the Uber." That means a lot of gaming for Wale, who says he and the nine other buddies who have access to his Uber account have spent a lot of money on the cab service.

According to Wale, technology is a huge part of the music business. "It's the evolution of the music business," he said. He also spoke on music streaming. "You don't really make money from physical albums like that, I am more concerned with the tour." In addition to finishing up his forthcoming album SHINE, Wale is also cooking up a new game app for iPhone, which he described as a fun game he would like to play. However, he declined to speak on the game because of legal issues.

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