Wale and Tha Dogg Pound had to do the gangsta boogie. The trio of artists link up once again for a music video to their collaboration "Gangsta Boogie" produced by DJ Chose. The visual sees them chilling with the crew on the West Coast while spitting about the gangsta lifestyle.

"I'm a gangsta first, I'm a gangsta from birth/If them gangstas make a wrong move, they ride in the hearse/You know gangstas go to jail, gangstas don't tell/Gangstas move that pack that the gangsta sell," Daz raps.

This track originally appeared on Wale's Summer on Sunset mixtape which dropped back in June. It looks like the song will get a second life though as Tha Dogg Pound announced it will appear on their upcoming album due out in September. No official release date or title has been made public for Daz and Kurupt's LP.

The beginning of "Gangsta Boogie" sees Kurupt giving Wale props for speaking his mind. But Wale's penchant to tell it like it is has brought him quite a bit of social media headache in the last month. His latest incident occurred when he sent out a tweet that social media star YesJulz thought was directed at her.

"Y’all make ppl famous. And be mad they famous," Wale wrote on Aug. 13. "Fuck u culture vultures Ol ‘I got 3 black friends’ head ass."

YesJulz thought this was a dig at her and responded with, "A man that takes shots at a lady Bc he is upset she gets more views than all his music videos combined is pretty corny." This lead to the two trading subtweets throughout the weekend.

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