It looks like Wale is next up out of the Maybach Music Group camp to drop an album as he recently gave an update on his upcoming LP, Shine. The rapper reveals the cover art for the project is complete.

Announcing the news to fans on Twitter, the D.C. MC posted, "Just finalized my album cover fancy big name artist. Jus a super cool kid I met on twitter. I'm grateful to have such talented fans."

Ralph did not announce the name or Twitter handle of the artist, but XXL found out that the artist is 22-year-old Dedrick Strong, otherwise known as artist VHS. According to VHS, Wale contacted him a few weeks ago on Twitter to see if he'd be interested in creating the Shine cover art. VHS, who was at his job at the time when he got the news, immediately got to work on the concept, which will be revealed at Wale's disclosure.

"Working on this cover with Wale was very fast-paced because he knew early what he wanted and how he wanted it executed," VHS tells XXL. "I was nervous for the most part 'cause this is the biggest thing I've done thus far but Wale is a cool dude. He helped the process go by smoothly and also gave me some words of encouragement."

While this kind of opportunity is a first for the Dallas native, he's been an artist all his life. "My dad had me drawing since I could remember," VHS shares. "I don't remember not ever doing anything art-related. I don't really specialize in any one particular art form. I've been doing photography and graphic design for two years also working on clothing."

Look out for VHS' artistic vision on Wale's Shine cover soon.

Besides getting his new album cover in order, Wale also sounded in good spirits regarding his tour and fan support. "Tour doin numbers .My supporters are reppin harder as ever.That shit makes all the craziness I deal with internally an publically , WORTH it," he tweeted.

He's been getting it in with an eclectic mix of artists in the studio for his project, and possibly others. "I've worked with Davido JBalvin RapMonster Wizkid Dua Lipa in the past 12 months .. music is an awesome thing," he added.

Earlier this month, Folarin revealed the dates for his upcoming The Shine Tour. Wale will do 15 shows all in May, hitting up cities like Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Detroit and New York. Check out the full list of dates here.

A solid release date has yet to be given for the album, which is one of the most anticipated projects of the year. But, with the tour starting in May, there's a good chance it could drop before then. Check out Wale's Shine update below.

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