We already knew that Wale was a big sports fan, but it appears that The Gifted rapper has picked up a new hobby: restaurant criticism. Yep, it appears that Wale is a foodie. This week the rapper began reviewing restaurants on Yelp, posting his first review of a D.C. restaurant, Asia 54. Wale's take on the place? 5 stars.

"The food came out at a good pace," writes Wale. "I destroyed the shrimp tempura roll and immediately ordered another. I'm kinda new to sushi so I go with less adventurous rolls as opposed to sashimi which I'm still wrapping my head around. I know it's about the texture. The wings were great too. Not too fried and not too much sauce."

Despite being a little nervous about the restaurant when he first got there—"I get scared when multiple countries/ethnicities are represented on a menu"—it sounds like he had a great time. Apparently Asia 54 had "arguably the best fried rice I've had all year."

The rapper tweeted a link out of the review earlier this week, saying that he'll be writing a lot more on his upcoming tour. He's also already filed reviews of the House Of Nanking in San Francisco and Mr. Chow's in L.A. So if you own or work at a restaurant in any of the cities on Wale's upcoming tour, watch out. He's coming for you.

[via Complex]