It looks like Mike Tyson threw hands with Blueface’s manager, Wack 100.

Although there’s no audio or visual evidence of their fisticuffs, on Wednesday (May 29), Iron Mike seemingly used his Instagram account to confirm that he did exchange blows with the West Coast rap executive.

In his IG post, Tyson posts a photo of himself and the late Tupac Shakur. As you may know, the two shared a strong friendship back in the 1990s. In the caption, the boxing legend tags his own podcast Hotboxing with Mike Tyson and implies that he fought against Wack 100. “Everybody has a plan ‘til they get punched in the mouth. Ain’t that right @wack100,” he writes, referencing his own famous quote about the reality of violence.

Wack reportedly responded in the comments, implying that he delivered a two-piece to Mike’s face first. "We both know who mouth was bleeding first!!!!" he wrote.

This also seems to collaborate Wack 100’s own IG post on Tuesday (May 28), in which he shared a video of prescription pain medication he’s currently taking for the pain in his mouth. He also posted another IG photo of himself, Mike Tyson and the podcast crew in much happier times prior to the brawl. Apparently, the fight was over Wack 100's past inflammatory comments he made about Shakur.

In the caption, Wack 100 apologized to the podcasters who witnessed the fight. "Just know this Wack wasn’t giving up shit and Mike still quick with his hands! @edsbritton sorry you had to see what you saw but it’s what brothas do when we can’t solve the problem with reason!!” he wrote.

Finally, someone secretly recorded a phone call with Wack 100, who told the person that he got into a fight with Mike Tyson while recording an episode of the boxer's podcast and acknowledged that the boxing legend is still good with his hands.

As of this writing, there is no footage of the fight between Mike Tyson and Wack 100 available yet.

Check out Mike Tyson's Instagram post below as well as Wack 100's IG posts. Also below is an alleged phone call of Wack 100 allegedly confirming that he fought Iron Mike.


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