James Blake performed in the UK's famed Glastonbury 2016 Festival last night (June 25) and brought out none other than Vince Staples to perform the song "Timeless."

The OG version of the song appears on Blake's latest album The Colour in Anything which dropped back in May. It does not feature Staples, so it appears as though he added a special verse just for the performance.

Staples' talents are taking him around the world, but he is still holding it down on the home front. A couple weeks ago, the rapper accompanied Ninth District Councilman Rex Richardson and city staff to Ramona Park to announce the launch of a new Youth Institute in North Long Beach, a YMCA program that will educate 20 local youths in filmmaking, graphic design, music production, 3D printing and product design.

“I think the most important thing is opportunities,” Staples, who is from the Ramona Park area, said at the event. “What I can say is, living over here my entire life, I’ve never had an opportunity given to me from the area, only examples of how to mess up, and what I didn’t want to do.” He continued, “I want to be able to be one of the people that reinforces the fact that we matter just as much as the next person. That’s actually the biggest thing I can do for this community.”

The outspoken 2015 XXL Freshman class member dropped his debut album Summertime '06 last June via Def Jam. He is currently working on a six-song EP title Prima Donna that will come out this summer.

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