Vince Staples pays a visit to The Cruz Show on Power 106 Los Angeles to discuss various topics including coupons, Bow Wow and job applications. The Long Beach, Calif. artist also touches on the national anthem, calling it "weak" and "trash."

The 23-year-old MC thinks the national anthem needs an upgrade, reiterating his suggestion of adding a DJ Mustard beat (he tweeted the same thing on Aug. 28). The Prima Donna rapper has a point - that remix would be pure fire. Staples also mentions that, because of the song's boring nature, he never really sung along to the national anthem in school or elsewhere. In all seriousness, the anthem might need an update. After all, the songwriter Francis Scott Key was a slave owner.

As aforementioned, throughout the interview Staples also talks about saving a ton of money at Bed, Bath & Beyond. He delves into the best ways to get coupons, where to use them and more. Vince also discusses his fandom for Bow Wow a.k.a. Shad Moss (who recently retired), and he answers some questions about job applications that he's filled out in the past.

Earlier today (Sept. 1), Staples dropped a strange, 10-minute short film called Prima Donna (to match the name of his EP). In the clip, Vince gets into a cab that takes him to a building called the Prima Donna Hotel. As he rides the elevator up to his room, the title cut with A$AP Rocky plays. “Is it real?” goes the refrain, as Vince endures more strange visions, including apparitions of dead artists like Tupac Shakur and Amy Winehouse.

You can watch Vince Staples' interview on The Cruz Show above. ICYMI, check out Staples' Prima Donna EP, which dropped in August. The 7-track project has gotten positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

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