Ty Dolla Sign sticks to the basics for his new music video. The singer returns to his Campaign album to provide some visuals for the single "Stealing," which he also produced with the help of Dave Kuncio and Tish Hyman.

The video features a close-up of Ty Dolla Sign as he sings in front of a black background. The Los Angeles native looks directly at the viewer while singing about his penchant for sweeping the ladies off their feet.

"Momma please don't judge me/Cause I'm a criminal/Mom, I know you love me/Even though I'm a criminal/No, it's not subliminal/No, and it's not terminal/Oh, oh, oh, oh, it's emotional/Stealing all these bitches hearts," Ty Dolla Sign sings.

Ty Dolla Sign might be stealing hearts, but he is just as frustrated with this year's presidential election as most people are. The "Zaddy" artist seemed dismayed with the presidential race when speaking to TMZ, although it was clear he was voting for Hillary Clinton.

“A lot of shit is controversial. But that... Hillary and [Donald] Trump. I think it’s easy to see," Ty Dolla Sign said. "It’s crazy ass Trump or lying ass Hillary. All of us have lied, we’re all humans. But not all of us are as crazy as Trump.”

Ty Dolla Sign's apathy is common around the country since the race is between the most unpopular candidates ever. At least the election is just a few weeks away, so everyone can finally move on soon.

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