Vanilla Ice defends Adam Sandler's upcoming Netflix movie, Ridiculous Six. 

A group of Native American actors walked off set on Sunday (Apr. 26) in protest of sections of the script they found offensive. After the incident, the Dallas native, who plays Mark Twain in the movie, told TMZ that he didn't believe the script was written with foul intent. In his opinion, the remarks are just jokes and shouldn't be taken out of context.

"It's a comedy," Vanilla said. "I don't think anybody really had any ill feeling or any intent or anything. This movie isn't [DancesWith Wolves — it's a comedy. They're not there to showcase anything about anybody — they're just making a funny movie."

He did make a point to say that he understands the Native American actors' dismay as well. "I am part Choctaw Indian, so I see both sides," the 47-year old rapper/actor said. Recently a video, which was uploaded by Indian Country Today Media Network, shows one actor arguing with a male producer about the jokes within the movie (watch below). The extra says that the Native cast has “a lot to lose” if the film’s Apache characters are portrayed negatively. If you haven't read some of the jokes from Ridiculous Six, you should read it here. THR reports that the puns included character names like Beaver Breath and Sits-on-Face. There's also a joke where a male character asks a female, "How about after this, we go someplace, and I put my peepee in your teepee?"

Ice also explains that he had nothing to do with the movie's script, which was written by Sandler and Tim Herlihy. Ridiculous Six is set to premiere on Netflix in 2016.

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