News recently hit the Net that Busta Rhymes had angered fans after bailing out of the South African Bay Southern Concert to perform at a smaller club venue.

As previously reported, Busta was scheduled to headline the event last Sunday morning (November 30) but instead showed up hours late to announce that he would be playing at another club, according to Port Elizabeth’s Weekend Post.

XXLMag.com has the chance to chop it up with the Dungeon Dragon to find out what exactly went down. “What had happened was…all of us had to meet somewhere before we got to the venue,” he explained. “One of the representatives of the booking agency that booked the show…went to the venue earlier and they came back and told us that this is a venue that holds about 48,000 people, but I guess the box office where they sell the tickets for that day, they didn’t open that day. So a lot of the people that were able to purchase tickets, probably a substantial percentage of those people was gonna walk up and purchase, they didn’t even have chance to [and] they didn’t have any online ticket purchasing the day of the concert.”[Watch below]

“So when the booking agency representative got to the venue he was like ‘it ain’t packed enough’, “ he continued. “…So when we went there I was advised by everybody that there was another club where there was about 5,000 people that were already there, which was the afterparty event. So it was just a better look, according to everybody that was there."

As far as Bussa Buss is concerned, “It ended out to be real successful.”

The Long Island-bred rapper is currently working on his next album, The Chemo. —Elan Mancini with reporting by Amber McKynzie

[video:http://www.xxlmag.com/uploads/video/files/12.3.09_QN_BustaTickets.flv l]