The Universal Hip-Hop Museum has officially found a permanent home in its birthplace of the Bronx, according to DNA Info, with the plans incorporating the long-discussed museum as part of a mega-development complex alongside a multiplex theater, an education space, and a neighborhood food and beverage hall known as Bronx Point.

The initiative for the colossal project first began manifesting more seriously back in 2014, garnering the support of hip-hop pioneers such as Kurtis Blow and Ice-T, who have both assumed larger roles, with Blow serving as the museum's chairman and Ice-T joining its founding board of directors.

The museum's executive director, Rocky Bucano, recently shared an update, confirming the news that the project not only has found a home, but one as fitting as where hip-hop originated in the first place, adding that the museum is "gonna be a complete history of hip-hop."

"The Universal Hip-Hop Museum may be the single most important project for the preservation of hip-hop culture," Blow exclaimed in a statement. "This new cultural institution will be a great new tourism destination for NYC and the Bronx. What a great day for hip-hop!"

True to the plan's earlier stages, the museum will utilize technology to create a multi-generational experience, drawing from hip-hop music itself, artifacts, video, photography and more, with a performance stage also included in the museum's multi-faceted components. Plus, the museum will partner with the likes of Microsoft and Google, among others, to help bring a mix of technology, interaction and entertainment to the experience.

As reported, phase one of the plan is expected to be completed by 2022. For more information on the forthcoming project, please visit

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