Most people are glad that 2016 is over, but Uncle Murda decided to provide folks with a reminder of everything that went down last year. The New York MC revisits his "2016 Rap Up" for a new music video.

The visual, which includes some cameos by Dave East and Jadakiss, brings Murda's rhymes to life with shots of his various subjects.

“Damn, Ye, the people don’t trust you/Bush don’t like black people, but you think Donald Trump do/Don’t meet with Donald Trump and talk about us, Ye/You ain’t got the answers just like you told Sway/It’s the truth, I ain’t talking crazy, Ye/Just know them streets still rock with the Yeezys, Ye/But Rihanna ain’t rocking with Travi$/Somebody should’ve told him that she was a savage/He like pick up the phone, baby, I know you home, baby/It’s a dub, nigga, no more dates/She ain’t pick up the phone ’cause she was creeping with Drake/You was just another dude on the hit list/Even Mad Skillz gotta like how I flip this,” he raps.

Murda's recap skills are pretty good, but it was his work in the community that was most important in 2016. The rapper teamed up with Maino for Brooklyn Unified forum following the infamous shooting at Irving Plaza.

“I just wanted dudes who’s coming up from Brooklyn, and all New York, to understand not to bring the streets directly into the hip hop business like that.” Murda told XXL. “Even though the content of the music is street, this is still a business at the end of the day and we got to conduct ourselves as such, as business men.”

Watch Uncle Murda give a shout-out to 2016 above.

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