The 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards went down last night in Miami. And though the public won't be privileged to what went on until the show airs on Oct. 10, there is already a bit of mystery and drama that's leaking from the event by way of Miami rap legend, Uncle Luke.

Since the footage has not been made available, it is unclear exactly what the 2 Live Crew rapper said. But he apparently had something to say about Funkmaster Flex and DJ Red Alert while accepting his I Am Hip Hop Award that he doesn't want to get misconstrued.

Luke's moment of clarity came on Instagram earlier today. After bigging up BET for putting on a great show, he got to his point. “Let me straighten out something before it gets to the point where hating bloggers take over and misinterpret something,” Luke said, in the video. “My teleprompter went out - yes it did, like I said. So I shot from the hip. And you know, when I shoot from the hip, some things come out, and people interpret some things where they misinterpret. Some people may have misinterpreted that I said something bad about Funkmaster Flex and Red Alert. No those are my guys. What you should have heard is those guys broke my music.”

He expounded even further in the caption. "Let me set the record straight if anyone misinterpreted my speech at the BET Awards last night that I said something bad about @funkflex #djredAlert your FUCKING WORNG [sic]," he wrote. "What I was trying to say was when everybody else was shiting on me Funkmaster Flex broke my music in New York along with DJ Red Alert giving me my name I will always be grateful to those guys. If anyone knows me they know that I do not make Corrections with what I say I wear that shit on my shoulder."

It's hard to imagine what Luke said that could be considered a diss by some but praise by others. We'll find out when the show airs on Oct. 10.

Check out Luke's post below.

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