Tyler, The Creator says he's on American Airlines' no-fly terrorist list, but the airliner says that isn't the case.

On Thursday morning (Sept. 26), Tyler caused a stir when he tweeted, “ha, I’m on American Air no-fly terrorist list, what the hell did I do."

Minutes after Tyler's initial tweet, American Airlines' Twitter account replied to it and implored him to send a direct message with a record of his locator. It's unclear whether or not Tyler did that, but the airliner has since responded.

In a statement to XXL, a rep for American Airlines denies Tyler's claim. "American does not have a terrorism watch list," the rep says. "That list is controlled by the FBI. But since Tyler, The Creator, is flying with us today and is currently on one of our flights, the tweet is not accurate."

Though this travel ban seems like nothing more than miscommunication or an effective troll on his part, Tyler has experienced travel-related issues in the past. Odd Future was prohibited from entering New Zealand in 2014, after immigration authorities decided the group was a threat to public order. That ban has since been revoked.

According to Tyler's manager, Christian Clancy, the rapper was also was banned from the U.K. in 2015 for song content U.K. officials say "encourages violence and intolerance of homosexuality" and "fosters hatred with views that seek to provoke others to terrorist acts." The ban was lifted earlier this year.

With those controversies in the past, Tyler performed at London's Brixton Academy just last week and plans to bring Igor to New Zealand's annual Bay Dreams music festival in January.

This news comes just over a week after it was reported that one University of South Alabama student was investigated for making a terroristic threat after quoting lyrics from Tyler's song "Radicals."

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