Tyga has come under intense scrutiny for his romantic life--when he was publicly tied to his girlfriend Kylie Jenner before she turned 18, but also for an alleged affair with the adult actress Mia Isabella and, most recently, for reportedly contacting a 14-year-old model over Instagram. His latest bit of scandal is more garden variety: The Brazilian model Annalu Cardoso claims that she slept with the rapper during his relationship with Jenner.

According to The Daily Mail and Us Weekly, Cardoso and Tyga met on the set of one of his music videos in 2014. Though she did not personally provide any details to either publication, sources close to her say that the pair would have illicit meet-ups when Jenner was out of the country.

Cardoso has appeared on an episode of Kingin' With Tyga, the Young Money rapper's reality show on MTV2. "They hooked up a couple of times," one unnamed source is quoted as saying. "But for the most part they would just hang out." 

The same source went on to say that Cardoso never discussed Jenner with Tyga; because he was "acting like someone who didn’t have a girlfriend," the model reportedly thought that the relationship with the reality star was simply a rumor.

Tyga has not yet commented on the story. His most recent album was last June’s The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, which was executive produced by Kanye West and received a surprise online release.