Over the weekend, Joe Budden confronted two amateur paparazzi who had tailed his BMW and attempted to record the rapper as he exited the car. “Are y’all fucking crazy,” he says before appearing to charge at the men who quickly retreated before the video stops. The whole encounter wasn’t amusing to Joe at the time, but the resulting memes are a different story.

In natural Twitter fashion, users have taken the footage of Budden running, and well, ran with it, creating a slew of hilarious memes, a collection of which can be seen in the gallery above. Budden himself is being a good sport about it, writing on Twitter, "These are some of the greatest memes ever, but I truly hope u kids don’t make running up to ppl’s homes a thing. It’s dangerous."

Some of the memes place Budden in the mobile game Temple Run or compare him to the T-1000 from Terminator 2. Others place him in track and field meets for the USA at next month's Rio Olympics or in such movies as Bad Boys or Boyz n the Hood. When Budden first took aim at Drake with "Making a Murderer Part 1" he likely didn't expect to wind up photoshopped into a Grand Theft Auto still, but the Internet is a wild place. Consider though that Drake once opened up OVO Fest with a collection of Meek Mill memes and maybe fans are just following his example. Catch some of the funniest Budden memes up above.