With each passing day it seems like some new piece of Tupac memorabilia pops up online, with TMZ now sharing that workout equipment used by Pac can be purchased on eBay. When Death Row Records closed its doors, everything was sold, including a weight bench, dumbbells and other gym essentials. The set, which can be seen in the above interview Pac did with MTV in 1995, went for a reported $1,166, but the buyer is seeking a much steeper pay day, starting the bidding at $100,000.

The gym set, which was listed Sunday night (Oct. 16) currently has zero bids, though three users are watching the sale. The various workout benches and seats do not have any Death Row branding on them.

Word of this auction comes just a day after the rapper’s gold and diamond crown pendant was listed by Moments In Time for a whopping $125,000. The medallion is of particular note because it was dented by a bullet during a 1994 shooting in New York City as Pac was wearing it. And last week, Goldin Auctions announced that a number of collectibles from the rapper’s lifetime were available for purchase, including a previously unreleased essay written from his prison cell in 1995, a platinum plaque for Me Against the World and two framed displays of hand-written song lyrics to “Catchin Feelings” and “Wonda Why They Call You Bitch.” That auction is open from Oct. 10 to 29. Earlier this month, Pac’s prison bible was listed by Moments in Time for $54,000.

While Moments in Time owner Gary Zimet says that Pac’s family gave them the pieces to sell, a majority of the profits going back to them, Tupac’s estate tells TMZ that they are in strong opposition to the sale. As they put it, nobody, not even family members, has authority to sell any Tupac item, with a potential lawsuit awaiting whoever does.

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