The legend of 2Pac is one that can never be forgotten. Even with all of the songs he created while living and his posthumous albums, new music from Pac keeps on surfacing 20-years after his untimely death.

While he was signed to Death Row in 1995, outside of working on his own music Pac was also the in-house writer for other artists, including MC Hammer. According to Ambrosia For Heads, Pac worked with Hammer on a never released album title Too Tight back then and now music from their collaborations has finally been made available for fans.

"Too Tight," which could have easily been the lead song off the album, is reminiscent of 'Pac’s sound. The track features the same Ohio Players’ “Skin Tight” sample that 'Pac also used on 1995’s All Eyez On Me. “This beat is bumping / Got you swerving in ya ride when you hear it bumping,” Hammer rhymers mimicking Pac’s flow like no other. With Hammer's raspy and confident delivery at times it’s hard to tell that this is the same dude from “Pumps In A Bump.”

In addition to that track —which was recorded in Dr. Dre's Record One studios—rumor has it MC's Hammer's ghost album also featured another song, “Too Late Playa”, featuring Big Daddy Kane and Tupac. The CDQ version has been made available according to HipHop DX, however fans first got a taste of the reference track Pac created when behind the scenes video surfaced in 2008.

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