Now this is a blockbuster piece of information. An unheard phone conversation has surfaced between Tupac and friend Sanyika Shakur aka Monster containing information on the 1994 Quad studio shooting in New York that Pac survived before his death in 1996.

Relaying a belief to Sanyika that his 1993 rape case, in which a woman accused the rapper and his crew of raping her in a hotel room, was connected to the November 1994 shooting. Pac seemed certain in the audio that the supposed rape victim was indeed behind it. "The girl that did this rape shit, she hooked up with the niggas that shot me," Tupac reveals in the audio. "It was all connected; it was a big plan. I just caught it at the end, and that's why they shot me."

Tupac was shot the night before the rape trial's verdict on November 30, 1994. Initially, Tupac believed that Bad Boy was behind the attack blaming Puff Daddy, Biggie, and their crew for the shooting.

In the 22 minute conversation Tupac also goes on to speak of improving urban communities, writing a book with Maya Angelou, and working with Al Sharpton. Check it out below.