This past Tuesday (September 13) marked the 15th anniversary of the passing of Tupac Shakur. Though his career was short-lived (only five years), 'Pac made his presence felt in numerous ways, and his legacy is just as far reaching. Encompassing everything from his music to his work ethic to appearances in movies to his complex persona and run-ins with law, the West Coast talent has left a lasting impact on hip-hop and the world.

In its September issue,XXL delved into all things Tupac—including interviews with his father, the Outlawz, his ex-wife, a profile on producer Johnny 'J' and plenty more. To go with the issue, has been covering 'Pac from all sorts of angles for Tupac Month, including a tournament to crown his best song, highlighting his most memorable quotes, talking with his sister, and more.

As the commemorative month nears its close, XXL takes a look at Tupac, by the numbers.—XXL Staff