Waka Flocka Flame artist and 36 Brickhouse member Azizi Gibson uses anew social network to share music. Tsu, a social network that returns 90% of generated ad revenue back to its users, is helping musicians leverage the platform to launch their music while monetizing their content.

The roller coaster known as mainstream streaming service business continues to change and be dissected, tsu is helping artist get more money in their pockets when fans stream their content. Azizi released a music video solely promoted and featured on tsu. This allowed Azizi to gain profits for the traffic generated to the site based off of tsu’s propriety annuity algorithm that converts page views into real world dollars for the site’s users.

“Tsu’s a great platform—it attracts the attention of both early-adopters and those who appreciate the value of original art and creativity, which is the perfect audience for me. I’m excited to be sharing my music on a platform that fairly rewards the countless hours people like me put into our work,” said Azizi

Sebastian Sobczak, founder and CEO of tsu, commented: “We change the way the internet operates by allowing creators to finally own their work while delivering a new experience to their audience. To see a thought-leader like Azizi using our platform, controlling everything he’s created and delivering this music video exclusively through us is humbling. He is leading the charge for other artists to move towards the way the internet should work - where everyone owns their content and not the platforms displaying it."

Check out the site here and read more about the product here.