Troy Ave delivers the visual for "Chuck Norris," the lead single from his recently released Free Troy Ave mixtape. The video features a day in the life of the New York MC, as he performs at live venues, makes club appearances and rides around in fly whips.

The music video begins with an excerpt from a Troy Ave interview with The Breakfast Club. Troy says, "Let me tell you the thing about real street niggas. They respect other street niggas, because they know nobody wanna be into no violence for no reason, because there's only a couple ways it's gon' end. Somebody gon' die, somebody gon' go to jail. Somebody gon' get hurt."

The clip then shimmies into the hook and the first verse. Over a saxophone-laden beat, Troy spits, "I'm out here just to flourish/Kicking that shit like Chuck Norris/Saint Laurent, stand firm though/Close your motherfucking mouth, you can learn hoe/Real ones know to be quiet/I'm getting money, you should try it/Eating off a digi-scale, fish diet/I don't do drugs, let the bitches try it/She get high on the fucking low/She could buy herself fucking both/Now they kissing in the strip club/A few dollars make 'em do the most."

Throughout the visual, Troy rocks throwback NBA jerseys, tosses money in the air and poses for photos with his B$B crew. The end of the video includes a tribute to the late Banga, who served as Troy's bodyguard prior to his untimely death in the Irving Plaza incident in May.

You can view the video for "Chuck Norris" above via YouTube. Keep it locked to XXL for more music and news from Troy Ave.

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