Considered one of the most versatile rappers of today, Trippie Redd has shown fans he can do it all. From singing over hard-hitting rock sounds to making laid-back melodic raps and spitting ferocious bars, the rhymer proves he’s got the right formula to be hip-hop’s next big superstar. Recently named a 2018 XXL Freshman, Trippie Hippie is the latest and last Freshman of the 11th annual class to step up to the plate and show off his lyrical talents.

With no beat needed and rocking an extravagant chain as usual, the Canton, Ohio native rips apart his 2018 freestyle with a slew of flows and cadences while addressing his haters and praising his idols like Lil Wayne. Kicking off his freestyle in a major way, the 19-year-old rapper welcomes viewers into the complex mind of Michael Lamar White II.

“Uh, take a vivid picture, no photos/Implement that shit into your mind just so you know though,” the “Love Scars” rapper spits. “Suckafree living I’ma say that that’s the motto/So for any nigga on that sucka shit I’m no hoe, bro/Might just have to drop a bomb, Han Solo/Got me bickin’ back, being bool, Quasimodo.”

Displaying his lyrical skill for almost two minutes, Trippie Redd flexes throughout his freestyle on a number of topics and even gets personal like never before.

“I don’t know why I feel like nobody loves me/Or why they feel like my intentions something ugly/Or why I feel like everyone need somethin' from me/Or why I feel like everyone just sayin' fuck me/Or why I feel like the opposition gon' bust me/If I gave you my heart would you still love me?” he delivers.

The Big 14 rapper, who dropped his mixtape, A Love Letter to You 2, in October, has become the latest rap star hailing from the state of Ohio. Inspired by different genres of music growing up, Trippie has created a wave of his own with his eclectic sound. With three certified gold records ("Bust Down," "Poles 1469" and "Love Scars") and a platinum single ("Dark Knight Dummo") under his belt, Trippie looks to double the success he’s had early on in his career.

Watch Trippie Redd stay suckafree in his 2018 XXL Freshman Freestyle below.

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