Today (Oct. 19) Trina is blessing her fans with the release of her new EP, Blue Magic. The seven-track project features guest appearances from Boosie BadAzz, Kash Doll, Chief Pound, Ballgreezy, Nia and Da Brat.

Blue Magic features tracks such as "Bad Bitch Anthem," "Change The Vibe," "Thug Song," "Chandelier," "She Bad," "Redemption" and "Tf U Think."

On the track "Chandelier" which features Kash Doll, Trina talks about her wealth and the feeling of being number one in the game. The uptempo beat makes it easily a dance-worthy banger.

"Diamonds cost too much for bitches to relate to/Bad chocolate ass bitch from the west side/Second place ain't no winning, but bitch you tried," she raps.

In contrast to the party banger, the "Free" rapper slows it down a bit on "Redemption" which features Nia and Ball Greezy. On the soothing beat, the rapper discusses a relationship that isn't healthy and reflects on how much she's done for her man.

"You lyin' to my face, how how you love me on the daily?/Shit, I took pride in you, nigga/Shotgun, only one to ride for you, nigga/I cook, clean, even provide for you, nigga/ Took my dream and I put 'em to the side for you, nigga," she raps.

Miami-bred rapper has been working on her The One album, but hasn't released an official date as of yet.

In the meantime, stream Trina's Blue Magic EP below.

Trina's Blue Magic EP Tracklist

1. "Bad Bitch Anthem"
2. "Change the Vibe"
3. "Thug Song" featuring Boosie
4. "Chandelier" featuring Kash Doll
5. "She Bad" featuring Chief Pound
6. "Redemption" featuring Ballgreezy and Nia
7. "Tf U Think" featuring Da Brat

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