Riding off the success of his latest release, today rapper Travis Scott releases a brand new set of merch goods themed after his Cactus Jack record label.

Comprised of 16 exclusive La Flame items, the brand new Cactus Jack capsule offers clothing options for men and women. Consisting of multiple hoodies, graphic designed T-shirts, baseball hats, 5 panel caps, flash drives and a signed lithograph, the collection ranges from $15 to $85 and is available for a limited time only. Each T-shirt, hoodie and hat will include different logos and designs from the Cactus Jack label and will be accompanied by a digital copy of Travis' latest release, Astroworld.

To announce the release of the latest Cactus Jack merch, the "Butterfly Effect" rapper dropped the news on Twitter. "CACTUS JACK COLLECTION #1 LABEL WORLDWIDE 🌵💥🌵http://cactusjack.world."

The new Cactus Jack merch is currently available online at the Cactus Jack website. Head over to cactusjack.world to check out the rest of styles from La Flame's latest merch line.

In related Travis Scott news, the Houston native recently made headlines when he decided to give away $100k to his fans on Twitter via the popular mobile app, Cash.

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