There's no question that Travis Scott has a wide range base of loyal fans, but it looks like there are some that haven't even reached their teenage years yet. While performing at The Observatory in Santa Ana, Calif., the Houston native spots a 9-year-old fan in the crowd and ends up bringing him onstage with him.

Scott asks the little boy, whose name appears to be Kevin based on his Instagram, what song he wants to perform next, to which he answers "Goosebumps." While the Rodeo rapper starts off the introduction to the track, he hands over the microphone to the kid, who recites the lyrics in an autotune fashion. Soon enough, the beat drops, inciting tons of energy into the moshing crowd as they watch Travis and his young fan jump up and down on the stage.

"You like one of the illest motherfuckers of all time, you know that right?" Travis says to the kid. "He's gotta be like the youngest fan to ever do this right here."

Kevin posts footage of his experience on stage with one of his favorite artists to Instagram, and thanks the hitmaker for allowing him to have an unforgettable experience. "At the night show with @travisscott 🌵 thank you!" he writes.

It's been a common theme for Travis to invite fans on the stage to perform his songs, but this is the first time that he's brought up one of this young of an age.

Check out the footage of Travis Scott bringing a 9-year-old fan onstage to perform "Goosebumps" below.

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