Trae Tha Truth is a true man of the people. His hometown of Houston has been devastated by tropical storm Imelda and for the last few days, the Texas rhymer has been helping victims of the storm get to safety.

The storm hit southeast Texas on Thursday (Sept. 19), and brought with it tons of rain, which has led to lots of flooding in the Houston metro area. Since that day, Trae and his Relief Gang crew of disaster relief assistants have been doing their part. The H-Town MC has been sharing the updates on his Instagram page.

"If you need help, or you know people that need help, tag Relief Gang or DM Relief Gang. We gon' have people checking," he said in a video posted on Thursday. "Me and DJ Mr. Rogers and a team is already out right now."

He has since been calling for all people with lifted trucks who are willing to assist, while also notifying people on where they can get shelter. On Friday (Sept. 20), video was captured of the rapper with a small child in his arms while wading through flood waters.

"Some One Sent Me These Screenshots Of Me & @djmrrogers From Houston Police Department Live Rescues Video... Houston Texas We Are One @reliefgang ... Love," he caption the pic.

Trae hasn't let up, and has continued his hard work to Saturday (Sept. 21), even as the storm has subsided.

Trae is no stranger to lending a helping hand, especially when it comes to his hometown. In May, he also helped save people affected by floods. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, the rapper was in the middle of the chaos rescuing stranded people on a boat.

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