Hurricane Harvey has caused devastating damages in different areas of Texas, mostly around Houston, and tons of people are stepping up to do whatever they can to help. Trae Tha Truth is working hard to use any and all resources to aid those impacted by the storm, and is now starting a relief fund to raise money for people of his home city.

After launching a GoFundMe page, which has now raised nearly $30,000, the "I'm On 3.0" rapper writes about the trauma that Hurricane Harvey has caused for residents, detailing what he has seen so far.

"I Choose To Not Sit Back And Watch People Be Denied The Help They Need," Trae writes. "Many people in Houston, Beaumont, Port Arthur and surrounding Southeast Texas areas were affected by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. I have spent time with the people in the rescue shelters, and had a first-hand account of the suffering. I to, sympathize with the pain of these people, having to be rescued from my own home."

He then emotionally reveals what is happening to those who have lost everything, as they have been evacuated to shelters that are currently housing them.

"The elderly being days without their medication, and dealing with the shock of having water covering their wheelchairs," he continues. "Small children laying two and three to a cot, infants crying from stomach pains. I noticed many scams and charities popping up, and people asking me, "where does the money go", "why does the money not make it to the people." Not taking anything anyway from any other charities, but Houston is my home, and I'm committed to the restoring and rebuilding of not only my city, but the places my friends, family and fans call home as well. I can't do it all by myself, I need all of you to join in this mission."

XXL spoke with Trae earlier this week about the travesty, and he detailed the aftermath of the storm and how it's impacting residents.

“I mean, it’s just a stressful situation in general because I’m at a point now I don’t even want to think past today or tomorrow of doing what need to be done," he said. "When the dust settles, that’s when it’s really gonna sink in, when people have to think about what’s their next move.”

He also talked about the damages of Harvey, discussing how far the storm reached, as well as what we can expect in the next coming weeks as the city begins the clean-up phase.

“It’s scattered off through Houston,” he continues. “A lot of damage has been done the most close to the reservoirs, where they have to open the levees and a lot of places where they have rivers were overflowed, like all that spreads. It’s a little bit of everywhere now, man. The blessing now is that the sun is shining. There are still people in need but it’s a sign that the water will start to go down hopefully.”

We are keeping those affected by Hurricane Harvey in our prayers. To donate to Trae Tha Truth's relief fund, click here.

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