On Tuesday (Feb. 14), a grainy video emerged on YouTube titled "Tory Lanez Tries to Fight a Guy in the Street." Shortly afterward, Tory Lanez tweeted that he is not the man in the video.

Throughout the minute-and-a-half clip (which can be viewed below), two men get into a fistfight in the middle of the street. A third man, wearing a black shirt, then enters the picture and tries to land a dropkick to no avail (to say the least). The fight spills further into the busy street, and things escalate from there.

The person supposed to be Tory Lanez is the man in the black shirt, who can't land a punch, kick, etc. to save his life. At the end of the video, the YouTube uploader tries to clown Tory Lanez by adding movie snippets and a clip of Drake laughing.

Tory Lanez quickly shut down any rumor that he was involved in the fight, tweeting, "There is no video of me fighting in the street lol ... nice try tho ... ps: that nigga got ZERO hands." Based on the video evidence, the man is definitely not Tory Lanez. Even though the video is pretty grainy, it's clear he doesn't have the same build or appearance as the New Toronto artist.

In music-related news, Tory Lanez is schedule to hit the road with Future, Young Thug, A$AP Ferg and Kodak Black for their Nobody Safe Tour, beginning in May.

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