Tory Lanez has 21 Savage’s back. The Toronto rapper-singer joins a list of artists who are in support of 21 and his fight to stay in this country. He does so by dropping off "Free 21," which is a track that dropped just an hour before 21 was released after spending a week in the custody of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Tuesday (Feb. 12).

On the song, Lanez slams ICE for jailing 21 while he's touching the souls of his people with his music.

"Look at what happened to 21 Savage/I'm knowin' that shit could've happened to me/How they gonna cut our nigga from the country for simply rappin' on beats/That happened to reach his goals, touchin' the souls/Of niggas that happened to be out trappin' the trees?/Or packin' the nines, a gat in their spine, it's that or the back of the seat," raps Lanez

Tory then takes aim at people who have been posting tasteless 21 Savage memes and laughing at the embattled rapper's legal predicament. Tory says that 21's situation is no laughing matter.

"I saw a video of his lil' daughter this mornin', it made me so happy to see/Happy her daddy was on the television, acceptin' awards and actually free/Happy her daddy was on the television, acceptin' awards and actually free," he spits. "Let's keep it real/we ain't finna lie/I think everybody laughed at the memes/And then I realized that that shit is mean/You can't be jokin' 'bout somebody's freedom."

Listen to Tory Lanez show his support for 21 Savage on his "Free 21 Freestyle" below.

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