Tory Lanez was in the midst of a performance at York University earlier this week when he appeared to be swallowed by a crowd of either some overzealous fans or some folks trying to do him some serious harm. The Shade Room understandably went with the latter theory, posting two videos of Lanez seemingly getting lost in the chaos before throwing a few punches at an unnamed man.

Replying to the site's Instagram page featuring video from his concert, Lanez, who's got a new album on the way, explains that he's comfortable with his fans and that they've never once attacked him in all his years of performing. "I never got jumped," he wrote in the comments section for the post. "My fans would never group up and try to fight me  . I crowd surf every night with no security ..if they were gunna jump me I'd be jumped at this point ."

Now, there are two videos that seem to point toward the scene of the concert being a raucous one, and there are a lot of people in super-close proximity to Lanez as he's walking either toward the center of a crowd or back to the stage. Specifically, there's a man in a red hoodie screaming some obscenities at someone—maybe even Lanez.

In the second video, we begin to see where Lanez might have been attacked. In that clip, we see the rapper throwing punches at someone in the crowd. He doesn't appear to be taking any hits, though.

See what you make of the scene by peeping the two videos and Lanez's response to them below. When you're done with that, check out his latest song, "Skrt Skrt."

The Shade Room via Instagram
The Shade Room via Instagram

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