Having embarked on world tours with 50 Cent and linking with Eminem and Dr. Dre in the studio, it's safe to say Tony Yayo's seen a lot. These are experiences he shares in the latest episode of XXL's Whoolywood Shuffle, a DJ Whoo Kid-hosted podcast that merges the worlds of rappers and movie stars for lively conversations on current events.

In this week's edition, Whoo Kid asks for Yayo's take on the current landscape of rap, which the longtime G-Unit member says is starting to resemble that of the 1980s.

"I feel like, to me, going back to like, the '80s, when muthafuckas was dancing and the clothes was a little tight," Yayo says. But don't let the dancing fool you. "Just 'cause you see a nigga Milly Rocking, that don't mean he don't got that gun on him."

Yayo goes on to offer support for the new school, saying he can't hate on all the "young niggas getting money."

In the latter half of the newest Whoolywood Shuffle episode, we hear from Black Panther star, Michael B. Jordan, who speaks on shooting the enormously successful film and the way costume designers pulled inspiration from various historical African tribes to create the gear seen in the acclaimed Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

"Authenticity was extremely important to us, so it went into our fashion, into our wardrobe, it went into, you know, the dialect in which we spoke, it went into—like, you know—the Wakandan rituals and that whole culture so, we wanted to make it as real as possible," Jordan says in the newest episode.

You can check out the latest edition of XXL's Whoolywood Shuffle on iTunes  and below on YouTube.

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