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TMZ via YouTube
TMZ via YouTube

2014: T.I. and The Game were involved in an unfortunate standoff with the Los Angeles Police Department after some of their friends got into a scuffle with security guards outside an L.A. night spot.

According to the folks at TMZ, Game and the self-proclaimed father of trap music had entered the Supperclub when some people they were both acquainted with began arguing with security and demanding to be let into the venue. A short while into the confrontation, a man threw a punch at a security guard, and that's when the drama really got started.

It was during that scuffle that the guards attacked two of Tip and Game's people, leaving one of them bloodied and battered. It was enough of a beating to make the two rappers more than a little concerned.

A short time later, Tip and Game rushed outside to see what had happened to their friends, and it just so happened that off-duty LAPD officers and officers who were actually Supperclub security guards were on the scene. It's at this point that the two rappers confront the nearby LAPD officers, not realizing that they weren't the culprits.

For at least two minutes or so, the Atlanta rap boss and Game stared down the LAPD and things weren't looking too good.

At some point, someone lets Tip know that it was actually the Supperclub security guards who were responsible for the beating, and that's when he and Game walked in their direction. At one point, Game has to be pulled away from one of the guards. Tip and Game's associates were taken to the LAPD's Hollywood division, but ultimately decided against filing any charges.

You can see part of the fight that led to the standoff and the standoff itself in the two videos below.

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