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No Limi Records / Priority Records
No Limi Records / Priority Records

1996: Silkk The Shocker drops off The Shocker, a debut album that would help push the Master P-guided No Limit Records along its journey to rap game dominance.

Featuring loads of G-Funk instrumentals and some relentlessly street, but unrefined bars from Silkk, who introduced the world to his off-kilter flow. Throughout his career, Silkk flowed as if he were trying to play catch-up with the beat, seemingly swimming against the current of whatever beat he was rhyming on. While the flow did face criticism, it made it easy to tell whenever he was the person behind the mic.

The content of The Shocker was pretty standard gangsta rap stuff. Throughout the project, which checks in at 19 tracks and well over an hour in run length, Silkk can be heard spitting about drive-by shootings ("Murder"), women ("Ain't Nothing") and more straight-forward tracks about life on the block.

The project was ultimately one that wouldn't be talked about as much as his later efforts. No track on the album was as big as, his Charge it 2 Da Game single, "It Ain't My Fault," or the Master P and Destiny's Child-assisted hit, "Just Be Straight with Me," but it did help set the groundwork for a commercially successful rap career.

Both of Silkk's next two albums, Charge it 2 Da Game (1998) and Made Man (1999) would ultimately be certified platinum, and Silkk would become a name synonymous with the ascendance of No Limit. Not bad.

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