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goodie mobb-still standing
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1998: As an effort to prove their clout in Southern hip-hop beyond one album, Goodie Mob, comprised of members Big Gipp, Cee-Lo, T-Mo, and Khujo, dropped their sophomore album as a quartet, Still Standing on April 7, 1998.

Coming off a certified-gold debut album, 1995's Soul Food, the Mob had little to prove in terms of musical prowess but much to gain as far as mainstream notoriety. With production credits from the MC's themselves as well as highly regarded production trio Organized Noize, the group came up with a soulful, spirited and funky 15-track album. Dungeon Family members OutKast made an appearance on the album's first track "Black Ice" and it became more and more evident that Cee-Lo Green was the breakout star of the group. Introspective tracks like "The Experience," "Beautiful Skin" and "Distant Wilderness" still register as some of the Mob's best work to this day.

"They Don't Dance No Mo" was also a highlight of the album. The track, which was a criticism of the changing atmosphere of hip-hop clubs/parties, stood the test of time and spoke to some uncomfortable realities. Khujo put it best: "2 Live dropped, and we was Throwin That D/They don't fight with fists/They bring they piece/Pat everybody down, before they leave this piece." The fun, dance-oriented parties had given way to altercations and escalating violence.

The record, released via La Face, became certified Gold by May 1998. The single "Black Ice" peaked at number 50 on the Billboard 200.

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