On this day, April 30, in hip-hop history...

489seven via YouTube
489seven via YouTube

2003: On April 30, 2003, the term "bling bling" was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary. The phrase—which is an ideophone that refers to flashy, often diamond-encrusted jewelry—was one of many hip-hop terms added to the dictionary, along with "jiggy," "dope," breakbeat" and "phat."

Although originally credited to Cash Money rapper B.G. on his 1999 song "Bling Bling," the first use of the term actually dates back to 1993 with dancehall artist Super Cat's "Dolly My Baby (Remix)." Still, B.G.'s usage of the phrase is the one that stands out in the minds of most people.

Although it was B.G.'s song, Lil Wayne was actually the person who uses the phrase the most on the song, handling the hook duties for the timeless Mannie Fresh-produced track. "Bling bling, every time I come around your city/Bling bling, pinky ring worth about fifty/Bling bling, every time I buy a new ride/Bling bling, Lorinsers on Yokahama tires
Bling bling," Weezy spit on the immortal chorus for the track.

Talking to MTV News about the landmark in hip-hop lexicon back in 2003, B.G. said, ” ’Bling bling’ will never be forgotten so it’s like I will never be forgotten. I just wish that I’d trademarked it, so I’d never have to work again.”

Immortality is a solid consolation prize.

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