On this day, March 27, in hip-hop history...


1984: On March 27, 1984, Hollis, Queens' own Run-DMC broke musical barriers with their self-titled debut album, Run-DMC. With aggressive, back and forth verses and turntable beats, Run-DMC changed the sound of hip-hop, which until then had consisted of dancey, straightforward delivery. Many of the songs on this album featured simple melodies. "Sucker MCs" featured a disco sample from the song "Live at the Disco Fever" by Lovebug Starski and a simple drum beat to back up Joseph "Run" Simmons and Darryl "D.M.C" McDaniels intense vocals. The minimalist approach to the music and emphasis on the lyrics on the album is credited with ushering in new school of hip-hop in the early 1980's.

The hardcore, rap bravado exhibited by Run-DMC on their debut album was meant for hip-hop fans to stop and pay attention to. And it worked. The Larry Smith and Russell Simmons produced record has gone down in history as a rap game changer, is hailed today as one of the best rap albums in history and ensured the longevity of Run-DMC's careers. This album solidified them as one of the best groups in hip-hop history, and became a blueprint for the genre going forward.

Looking back on the 30 year anniversary of Run-DMC in 2014, Rev Run's son, Diggy Simmons (a rapper and former XXL Freshman himself) said of his father, "It's always been great to see what he's done and what he's accomplished—Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame—it's definitely something to look to."

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