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1993: On April 13, 1993, East Coast hip-hop duo Mobb Deep officially introduced themselves to the world by dropping their debut album, Juvenile Hell.

Made up of Havoc and Prodigy, Mobb Deep is known for their hardcore, gritty rap delivery, a sound they began to harness on their first album. At the time Juvenile Hell was released, the two rappers were still in their teens, both being 19 years old at the time. With each rapper trying his hand at producing, and remixes from DJ Premier and Large Professor, the 14-track album birthed two singles, "Peer Pressure" and "Hit It From the Back."

The album's first single, "Peer Pressure," was produced by DJ Premier. The track, an expression of the pain of trying to fit in while dealing with poverty and other strife, set a solid foundation for the kinds of rappers Havoc and P would grow into. One of Prodigy's verses spoke of a dream deferred, a gifted kid whose goals were squashed by his environment. "I used to dream of bein' a architect/Easier said than done, believe me it's hard to get/Out of the projects, without forgettin' where you came from," Prodigy rapped, showing just how tough it is to grow past Queensbridge area of Queens, N.Y.

Though many music critics at the time couldn't wrap their heads around Mobb Deep's raw, unruly sound, the duo stayed true to their hardcore subgenre and pushed on to release their second album, The Infamous, just two years later. When the project arrived in 1995, it was met with rave reviews, kicking off their longstanding tenure in hip-hop.

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