Brandon Duncan a/k/a San Diego MC, Tiny Doo, is at the center of a controversial court case that could land the rapper in jail even though he has no criminal record. According to a report from ABC News, Duncan is a known gang member and was charged in a gang conspiracy involving nine local shootings since April 2013. Even though Duncan hasn't been tied to any of the shootings, and has a clean record, prosecutors are arguing that he has benefited from the shootings because his gang gained in status which, in turn, allowed the rapper to sell more records. Prosecuting lawyers are pointing to a little known California state law that was passed in 2000 that allows for the prosecution of gang members if they benefit from crimes committed by other gang member. The law has not been used since it passed 14 years ago.

"It's shocking. He has no criminal record. Nothing in his lyrics say go out and commit a crime," said Brian Watkins, Duncan's laywer. "Nothing in his lyrics reference these shootings, yet they are holding him liable for conspiracy. There are huge constitutional issues."

The case is still ongoing and a judge is deciding if it will eventually go to trial. Tiny Doo's latest album, No Safety, can be heard here.