The LOX may have a new album out, Filthy America… It’s Beautiful, which dropped last week, but the guys are still up to their same old antics. Laughs abound during a sit-down with XXL, as Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch remember hanging with The Notorious B.I.G. back when they were signed to Bad Boy.

On "What Else You Need to Know," Jada raps, "Just a young kid thinking that life ain't fair/But I was mad cool with Biggie so I ain't care." Above, Styles elaborates on just how cool they were.

Sheek starts off with a story in which the trio were unknowingly drinking knock-off Cristal, while Styles remembers the way Biggie broadened their tastes. "Big put us on to great bud. But he used to always fuck with our bud though too, like ‘Yo, where that chocolate and that buddha from Uptown?’" Styles says. "Big also put us onto Courvoisier, we used to drink Hennessy, we used to be the Hennessy Gambinos. I was chilling one day with him in the lab and I brought a cognac... he was like, ‘Nah, drink this, this is smoother.’"

The group had previously told XXL that when they first heard the beat for "All About the Benjamins," one of their biggest collabs with Big, they weren't all that impressed. "I just didn’t like the beat at first. I ain’t gonna lie to you," Sheek said. "You kind of never know what song is gonna be extra extra crazy, so you know we spit and it just took place. But you know I fought it for a minute. I did it. I did my verse that same night, but it didn’t matter, but he [Puff] just had other plans for that motherfucker.”

Watch them reminisce about Biggie above and share their stories about meeting with Jay Z and signing to Roc Nation below.

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