Update (May 2, 2:03 p.m. EST):

Viacom has issued a statement to Rolling StoneIt reads as follows:

"In November 2016, a jury ordered Mr. Taylor to pay more than $7 million as a result of his actions against a former contestant of an unscripted television series produced by a third party. He is now seeking to shift the burden of his damages to Viacom through a misdirected legal action that is totally without merit. We will work with the production partner on this series to vigorously defend against this claim."

Original Story:

The Game is taking some serious next steps to move on from the sexual assault accusations against him from a former contestant on his She's Got Game reality series. After losing a $7.1 million judgment in court that was filed by Priscilla Rainey, Game has reportedly been ordered to pay up to the cast member.

According to TMZ, new court documents reveal the 1992 rapper wants Viacom, the parent company that owns VH1, to pay the $7.1 million owed to Rainey in the case. The site says Game is reportedly going after Viacom, as they knew of Rainey's long rap sheet of medical conditions through a doctor that worked on production, and still brought her onto the show. "In moments of jealousy, [Rainey's] normal composure dissolves, leaving her to acting out of control," described the doctor in the alleged court documents.

The Game is allegedly claiming Viacom hired Rainey for the show due to the fact that she would bring in higher ratings despite her conditions. She was later kicked off the show, and the West Coast rapper wants the company to pay up the original $7.1 million to Rainey, as well as another $13 million in damages.

If you recall, Game was accused of sexual assault during an off-camera interaction on May 22, 2015. Rainey claims the Documentary 2 MC allegedly became inebriated and was "out of control." She also claims he was “forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.”

Hopefully Game can get this situation settled peacefully with Viacom in the meantime.

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