The Game has gone through quite the transformation since his debut album, The Documentary, made him a bona fide superstar well over a decade ago. He's come a long way from his take-no-prisoners approach when he first started in the hip-hop industry. The Compton native is best known for the feud with 50 Cent (and G-Unit), his numerous brawls and his more contemporary need to say what he's thinking regardless of the feathers that may be ruffled. But throughout it all, in the last few months he's become a notable philanthropic force to be reckoned with.

Perhaps it's his children—or his age—but following an encounter with a homeless man in Australia, Game caught the charitable bug. Alongside his charity, The Robin Hood Project, the rapper is making life easier for families dealing with tragedy, communities facing large-scale issues and anyone else who's life he can affect in a meaningful way. Whether it's pledging aid following disasters—like donating $10,000 towards Hurricane Sandy helping pay hospital or funeral costs, educating and inspiring or helping feed and clothe those in need, he follows his gut and promptly responds to any worthy cause that touches his heart.

His good deeds have not slid under the radar, either. Back in 2014, at the 25th Annual Talk of the Town Black Tie Gala given by the Associates for Breast and Prostrate Cancer Studios (ABCs), he was given the Humanitarian of the Year award. It was an honor he couldn't get over. "I was just a poor kid from Compton; Never thought in a million years I'd have even an extra dollars to give away let alone a million,” he humbly wrote on his Twitter account.

Here at XXL, we've rounded up 11 solid examples of The Game doing good deeds and making a difference. Some of them you may not even known about. Hate it or love it, looks like his heart is just as big as the one-time underdog's bars.

  • 1

    Charity First

    While in Australia, The Game met an African teenager who touched his heart with his story; he gave the youth a $20 Australian bill—all the money he had on him at the time— and said he couldn’t shake the feeling that he didn’t have more to offer. The Robin Hood Project was created as a by-product of his desire to help those in need around the world. Thus far, the charity has paid for funerals and hospital bills for those in need.

  • 2

    Homeless Need Help Too

    The Game filmed himself gifting a sleeping homeless man a $100 bill in the name of his Robin Hood Project—all for the 'Gram. The video had the following caption: “They call me ‘Robin Hood'—don’t ever tell me there aren’t good people out here… I will show otherwise every time !!! @therobinhoodproject is ALIVE !!!! This world is not lost.. God don’t give up on us yet.”

  • 3

    Lost But Found

    After learning about Anna Angel, a mother who was working her shift at Burger King while a fire consumed her home, killing her five young children and her boyfriend, Game, along with Drake, stepped in to cover all the funeral costs. As a parent himself, the tragedy hit home, "I can deal with a lot of things, but people losing their children is something that kills me every time."

  • 4

    Grieving Families in Need

    Game has become synonymous with angel donations and helping families in crisis. He donated $17,000 to the family of 7-year-old Talaib Pecante, who was killed in what was believed to be a gang-related shooting in Los Angeles. A father of three himself, the senseless act hit close to home and was all the more tragic as it took place during the holiday season.

  • 5

    Unique Way to Give Back

    Yout girlfriend probably follows Game as a by-product of his infamous shirtless pics of him rocking tight Ethika undies. Well, it turns out his IG thirst trap increased the brand’s sales by 500%. He’s since teamed up with the company to create a collection that will benefit those in need. For every pair of the undies sold, one will be donated to a homeless shelter.

  • 6

    Stepped Up to Help Michigan

    In response to the Michigan water crisis—and a direct response to a perceived lake of real action by celebrities—The Game took time out from touring to pledge $1 million dollars in support. He donated half of that directly out of pocket, which was everything he’d earned on tour up to that point, while the rest came from his charity, The Robin Hood Project. He also had a message for celebrities kicking in [smaller] donations: ”Stop using others tragedies for your celebrity gain... You're not fooling ANYONE."

  • 7

    Mothers Know Best

    The Game recently gifted a mom with $1,000 worth of groceries as a part of his 'Yo Mama, My Mama' campaign, which gives back and helps to curb violence in a unique way. Not only did he pay her tab and give her additional funds on a gift card, but he helped her carry all the groceries to her car. Class act, right?

  • 8

    Holidays Are Important

    The charitable rapper has been known to get out into the community and give back during the holiday season. “You know every Thanksgiving we come here and give out turkeys. On Christmas we gon’ have a toy drive here in the same building and it’s just giving back to the community man. And just trying to do my best,” said The Game during an interview.

  • 9

    Typhoon Victims Get His Assistance

    Following the horrific typhoon that ravaged the Philippines back in 2013, Game teamed up with professional poker player Dan Bilzerian to contribute money through his charity—$10,000 in total. He spoke about the donation, and the disaster itself, on Instagram: “[it] hurts my heart knowing that many of those amongst the dead are little children.”

  • 10

    Good Cops Gets Recognized

    The Game and his son, Harlem, raised money for Officer Tommy Norman—a white police officer who serves a black community in Little Rock, Ark. After being touched by the acts of kindness the police officer displayed in the community he served, Harlem decided to start the GoFundMe page, which quickly reached its goal. Game spoke about the campaign on his Instagram: “Not only am I proud of my son for taking initiative, I'm thankful that I've raised him with such a pure heart regardless of the negativities he's seen me overcome.” Like father, like son.

  • 11

    Compton Teen's Dream Realized

    Game donated $1,000 to a teen from Compton who is trying to set the record for the youngest person to pilot a plane around the globe. Isaiah Cooper set the world record for flying across the U.S. as the youngest person. Now he's trying to set the record for flying across the world, but needs $45,000 in donations to help make it happen. The rapper donated the first $1,000 and urged his fans on social media to pitch in.

  • 12

    Kids Run the World

    As a father himself, Game has a soft spot for the kids, which is why his hear went out to 3-year-old Zachaeus Water recently. The toddler was shot in the face and left for dead alongside his mother, who was murdered in an Asheville N.C. park in May. However, he survived. The rapper's son caught wind of Water's story and launched a GoFundMe page to help the boy on his road to recovery. Game also donated $6,000 to help Water.

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