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Geffen Records
Geffen Records

2006: 11 years ago today, The Game dropped his sophomore album Doctor's Advocate.

Coming off the monumental success of his debut album The Documentary, The Game was riding high on his platinum-selling debut. But when his relationship with G-Unit boss 50 Cent turned sour after Game refused to join sides in their beefs, the MC was unceremoniously kicked out the clique that helped make him a star. Down but not out, many thought The Game's rap career was over before it really even started. Luckily, Game found a new home at Geffen Records and not only rebounded, but returned triumphant with Doctor's Advocate.

The sophomore LP featured production from some of the best producers in hip-hop: Kanye West, Just Blaze, Scott Storch, will.i.am and Swizz Beatz. The production combined with Game's bitter, grimy fighting words made the project a must-listen. The album's lead single, "It's Okay (One Blood)," took aim at his former G-Unit soliders while the Kanye West-assisted "Wouldn't Get Far" became a radio hit. "Why You Hate The Game" served as a somewhat sarcastic battle cry, while "Ol' English" showed of his lyrical acrobatics. Doctor's Advocate would score The Game his second platinum plaque, as well as cement him as one of the leading voices on the West Coast.

11 years later, Game is still one of the West Coast's biggest stars and Doctor's Advocate stands as a benchmark of newfound independence for Compton King; the moment that proved he could succeed all on his own.

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