LaVar Ball has been stirring up controversy for some of his intense parenting techniques, and now news surfaces that the Big Baller Brand founder is pulling his son, LiAngelo Ball, out of UCLA following a shoplifting arrest in China.

TMZ speaks with The Game about Lavar's decision as a father, to which the rapper believes that he has his son's best interest in mind. The 1992 entertainer starts off by saying that he doesn't want to tell anyone what to do with their kids, or how to raise them.

"You know, I learned a long time ago not tell nobody what to do with their kids, man," Game states. "It's his kid, you know?"

He then defends LaVar, sharing that it may be in LiAngelo's best interest right now to leave school. "He doing what he doing, man, but I'm pretty sure whatever decision he made was in the best interest of his child," the West Coast MC continues.

If you recall, LiAngelo was arrested for shoplifting in China earlier this year and held by the Chinese government. LaVar went back-and-forth with Donald Trump after the President claimed to have brought his son, and the other players in question, back to the U.S. Since then, LiAngelo has been indefinitely suspended from UCLA's basketball team, along with the other teammates involved, making Lavar's decision even more significant for his son's potential career.

See what The Game has to say about LaVar Ball pulling LiAngelo out of UCLA below.

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