The Game is known for name-dropping people in his rhymes. It's like his shtick. But Chuck's big mouth might have caused a rift in an otherwise happy home as it is being reported that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian had a slight falling out over the Compton rapper giving props to her head prowess in his now infamous "92 Bars" track.

On the track, which is off his new project 1992, Game raps, "Blac Chyna head bomb, Al-Qaeda." According to sources close to TMZ, the couple, who is expecting their first child, had a blowup argument because Rob wasn't aware that Game had knocked off his ol' lady in the past.

According to the report, Rob also felt some type of way because Game was so close to the Kardashian family, and he thinks information like that is something Chyna should have told him before he had to find out like this. The former exotic dancer reportedly hooked up with Game years before her and Rob got together. The couple decided to squash their beef after realizing Game should be the one they are mad at.

Game has pissed more than a few people off with his "92 Bars" track which has caused a beef with Meek Mill, Beanie Sigel and Sean Kingston. The issue stems from Game believing that Meek and Kingston informed the police that his team relieved Kingston of his jewels in a L.A. night club in June. He proceeded to slander the Dreamchaser rapper and his girlfriend Nicki Minaj on the track. The latter he has since apologized for.

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