This Meek Mill and The Game situation is dragging out longer than most of us had anticipated it would. Despite a recent reprieve from Rick Ross, it appears The Game's camp still wants the Dreamchaser rapper's fade.

The beef has been sizzling for over a month, since Game accused Meek of snitching on him in relation to the strong-armed robbery of Sean Kingston in a club back in June. Chuck has made it clear, he wants his knuckles to have a meeting with Meek's eye-ball. The back and forth has been plentiful, and auxiliary beefs have added to the intrigue.

Rick Ross recently stepped in to try to quell the situation, and it again looked like the issue would be deaded soon. “Perfect time to let you know I had a conversation with my brother Game on the West Coast. We put that shit behind us,” said Ross in an Instagram video. “Real niggas worldwide, nigga. Real niggas do real things.

But in the famous word of Chief Keef, "Nah."

Fameolous captured a screenshot of The Game's manager Wack 100 commenting on Rozay's recent assessment of the issue. He wasn't trying to hear any of that truce talk. "Check this out, aint nothing [c]ool. It's on, it's gone be on, and can't no nigga that ain't from this West or Philly politic this bidness," he wrote. "Stay in ya lane my nigga. You still got issues down in Miami. Clean up your own before you bring a mop to my circle. This Piru and everything that come with it. West up and we still want them fades."

The saga continues...

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