The Game is ready to eat up a beat at a moment's notice. This time, the Compton King feasted on the "All the Way Up" beat on LA's Power 106 "Breakfast Bars" freestyle. With a blunt in hand, Game pauses for a few minutes to catch the beat then proceeds to go in with little hesitation, even adding in his own chorus at the end.

"They call me G for Game/I got a G-4, mane/I got 3,4 chains/If you step into the light, then you can seem more bling/I ain't into hype/But the story of my life is directed by Hype/Half a mill on a Lambo, had to roll the dice/If she married to the game tell that bitch throw the rice/Slip and fall in pussy, that's just the life/Ten thousand on child support, that should suffice/Chump change to a nigga who got it/Jump lanes with your boo in Bugattis/I'm from an era were if you ain't have it/You cock your pistol, you run up on a nigga who got it/They don't wanna see ten Impalas pull up on Broadway/Chrome to the chin like you doin' pull ups on Broadway/Hurricane, me, Puff, Game through the hallway/Thirty million dollar crib/Mile-long hallways/All the way up, nah, all the way down/Servin' you clowns/I won't stop, won't stop now," Game spits.

Game has had his hands in a bunch of different projects as of late. He assisted Jeremih on the Scott Storch-produced single "All Eyez". The relentless rhyme slinger is also basking in the glory of narrating an A&E original docu-series Streets of Compton and dropping an album by the same name. Digest Game's latest bars for yourself in the video above.

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