This group of Staten Island natives is deemed the borough’s future of hip-hop. Now, with a major hand in The Underachievers' Indigoism, they are poised to show and prove.

Standout: "Let's Get Wealthy" ft. Su Bviley & Cvse

Also check out: "Money Is My Logo" ft. Su Bviley & Vice

And: "Track No. 3" ft. Su Bviley ft. Lou The Humvn Young Rebel

Name: Tribe Gvng (Su Bviley, Vice, Cvse, Lou thehumvn, Juice, Unknown, Coolestfigga, BVD1, Mvrri)

Age: 20-24

Hometown: NYC

We grew up listening to: Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West, Tupac, N.E.R.D., Dipset, Daft Punk, J. Dilla, Aaliyah

Most people don't know that: We are truly underground artists and, literally, made everything in the basement. Many people also don’t know that our last mixtape, The 22nd Letter, was made in two weeks.

Our style's been compared to: Any rap collective including Odd Future and A$AP Mob. We don’t believe in comparisons. You should always bring something new to the table.

Our standout moment to date has been: Our performance at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. They gave us a light show and we packed it out on a Wednesday night as the headliners, with no soundcheck.

Our goal in Hip-Hop is: To the change the game, also create our own lane in hip-hop. Open people eyes , ears, and minds and build a legacy based upon the innovation and new direction that music is going. We are gonna become pioneers.

We're gonna be the next: Tribe Gvng

To check out more of our music go to: Follow us on Twiiter at @tribegvng

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