Breakout: "What He Say"

Also Check: "Burn One"

And: "Loyalty Over Royalty" featuring Killa Kyleon

Name: Kevin Kartier

Age: 22

Reppin’: Aviator Gang (AvG)/Biloxi, MS (Katrinaville)

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Most of the people I hear from say that my style really isn’t a lot like anyone else’s. The most consistent comparison I’ve heard is to Bun B because of my versatility & consistency. I really appreciate any comparison to someone successful but I really don’t try to emulate anybody.

I started rapping: I originally would rap alone to songs when I was a kid. I wrote my first rhyme in sixth grade & I haven’t stopped since.

My standout records and/or moments have been: I think the track I did with Brisco (“The Set Up”) really helped me catch the attention of a lot of people & blogs. After that, I followed up with Katrinaville (Co-Hosted by RefinedHype & The Sermon’s Domain) & things have only been growing from there. I’ve been fortunate so far.

I’m gonna change the game by: By being a part of something bigger then myself. I really feel like there’s been an upswing in talented, musically inclined people coming into the game & finding success. I’d just like to think I can contribute to this movement & help this become almost a “new golden era” for a younger generation.

My goal in hip-hop is: Is to be able to create the best music possible, & contribute to the cultures overall survival, growth & evolution. I genuinely enjoy creating music & being able to express how I feel through art, being able to make a living doing it is just a blessing.

I’d like to work with: Man, to be honest, theres almost too many people to name. Just a few would be Bun B, Kayne West, Just Blaze, The Neptunes, Cee-Lo Green & more. I could keep going haha.

I’m gonna be the next: I’m gonna be the first me. I’m one of the first from where I’m from to start really getting some attention & I plan to only build on it. I’m gonna always give you me & my point of view on my tracks. You’re gonna get to know me through my music.

To check out more of my music, you can go to: My site or Twitter